KB35 Knife Band Manufacturing Machine

Employing a revolutionary grinding system including two interleaved CBN-plated grinding wheels, the KB35 is able to produce high quality knife band quickly and repeatably. The KB35 stands apart in the industry as the first and only machine capable of grinding both sides of the band simultaneously, resulting in extremely sharp, burr-free blades. CNC enables the machine to easily produce various types of knife band, including scallop, wave and straight.

Interleaved CBN-plated grinding wheels
Fanuc CNC for manufacturing flexibility and reliability
Fast setup
Deburring not required
Scallop, wave and straight knife band
Band width from 10-35mm
Band thickness from 0.4-1.0mm
Edge included angle from 15-30 degrees
Scallop/wave pitch from 6-50mm
Band throughput up to 60 IPM (~1500mm/min)

Scallop blades (shown in two pitches)

Wave blade

Straight blade

Demonstration video