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A new concept in chamfering. No rocking motion is used to produce the chamfer
Using a lateral movement, a positive perfect chatter-free chamfer is obtained. This is very important to ensure good tap chamfering.
Automatic wheel dressing and size compensation with provision for grinding after a given number of pieces.
Tap is held between centers or center and square driver and may be located and driven either by the flute or by the square.
Six various heads are available to drive all sizes and styles.
Fast setup time and high production, ideal for all production series.
In the fully automatic work cycle, the machine is completely independent of operator routine and can be operated
by unskilled labor with only a few minutes of instruction.


Maximum tap diameter:125 mm.

Minimum tap diameter: 203 mm.

Maximum tap Length: 200 mm.

Number of Flutes: 1 - 12.

Spindle Swivel: 0 to 45.

New Grinding Wheel: 355 mm.

Minimum Grinding Wheel: 254 mm.

Maximum Wheel Width: 50 mm.

Spindle Motor: 5 HP

Hydraulic Motor: 5 HP

NOTE: Rear end indexing and division system. Easy change gears with timing belts
are available for all flute numbers 2-12.


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