Other Tap Flute Grinding Models:

FG-D500-18 FG-D525-2 GP125



Fully automatic work cycle including wheel dressing and size compensation settings.
An operator can run multiple machines.
The grinding spindles are interchangeable complete units.
Spindle drives are quiet.
Two basic machines are available to cover a large size range.
Both machines have multi-cut mechanisms for up to 15 cuts.
Machines are built with easy access for wheel changes and setup.


These machines are identical in design and size except for the grinding wheel columns which are dimensioned
to permit the most economical production conditions for the lower respectively the higher range of the entire capacity
or 1-25 mm taps.

Models SF-300 and SF-400 have magazines and automatic loader slides.
All models have fully automatic compensating dresser mechanisms (Excluding dresser), automatic multi-cut
mechanism (Excluding cams), and oil mist retaining hoods with exhaust flange.

MODELS SF-300, SF-400

Blank Length Maximum: F300-200 mm, F400-200 mm.

Flute Length Maximum: F300-125 mm, F400-125 mm.

Number of Flutes: 2 to 6 both machines.

Spindle Motor: SF-300-10 HP, SF-400-15 HP..

Hydraulic Motor: SF-300-5 HP, SF-400- 5 HP.

GWS Spindles used : SF-300-1each & 2 each, SF-400-1 each & 2 each.

Minimum Grinding Wheel Diameter:  SF-300-60 mm, SF-400-100 mm.

Maximum Grinding Wheel Diameter: SF-300 200 mm, SF-400-250 mm.

Universal Magazine Range Blank Diameter Minimum: SF-300-3 mm, SF-400-3 mm.

Blank Diameter Maximum: SF-300-25 mm, SF-400- 25 mm.

Blank Length Minimum: SF-300-38 mm, SF-400- 38 mm.

Blank Length Maximum: SF-300-130 mm, SF-400-130 mm.


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