Other Centerdrill Grinder Models:

F260 F310 P600



Fully automatic loading and unloading makes the SD60 Stepdrill and Centerdrill grinder virtually operator independent.
High production rates with consistently high industry accuracy standards.
A fully automatic box hopper loading system for reliable operation and ease of set up and size adjustment.
Workhead provides automatic flute location by locating the cutting edge of the drill flute to accurately position the drill for relieving.
The Workhead is micrometer adjustable for radial relief. Axial relief is accomplished through the use of easily interchangeable relief cams.
Wheelhead features a 3 horsepower, belt driven, lubricated for life, cartridge spindle. Wheelhead angle is adjustable from 12° through 50°.
Dresser system features an automatic self-compensating dressing system that incorporates three independently adjusted, hydraulically operated,
straight angle dressers.
The SD60 also features fully automatic lubrication, programmable controller, fast easy set up.


Size Range: 1/16" to 1/2" (1.5 mm to 13 mm) diameter #0 - #6 Centerdrills, (3-13 mm) body diameter.

Overall Length: Up to 8" (200 mm) 2,3, or 4 flutes. Pilot Length: 1" (25 mm) maximum depending on radial relief and helix angle.

Axial Relief: 0" to .072" (0 mm to 1.8 mm).

Minimum Corner Radius: .010" (.025 mm).

Concentricity: To within .001" (0.02 mm).

Average Setup Time:
20 to 30 minutes for complete size changeover.

Grinding Wheel Size: 12" (300 mm) O.D x 5" (127 mm) I.D. Resin bonded type.

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