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 GT77 MX16



The MT16 is designed to provide exceptional accuracy, fast size changeovers, and convenient simple operation. The MT16 can grind parts with nearly any thread form, any pitch, and lead angles from 0° to 15° right or left hand, with or without relief, multi-start threads, tapered threads and more.

The MT16 features a Fanuc LR Mate 1000 robot loading and unloading arm with special tooling for grasping taps or other round parts. Tooling can be customized to accommodate most thread ground parts. The machine can also be loaded by hand if necessary for small lots.


Maximum grinding diameter: 3" (75 mm).

Swing Over Table:
4-1/2" (115 mm).

Maximum Grinding Length: 5" (120 mm).

Maximum Overall Length: 9" (220 mm).

Lead Angle: 0°- 15° Right or left hand.

Accuracy - Pitch Diameter: Within .0003" (0.007 mm).

Accuracy - Lead: Within .0003" per inch (0.007 mm per 25 mm).

Grinding Wheel: 400 mm O.D. x 160 mm I.D x10-32 mm (3/8" - 1-1/4") wide.
Optional setup for: 19" O.D. x 10" I.D. x 3/8" to 1-1/4" wide. (480 mm O.D. x 254 mm I.D. x 9.5-32 mm wide).

Grinding Wheel Speed: 4,500 - 12,000 S.F.M. (23 - 60 m/s) variable.

Diamond Dressing Disc: 90 mm (3-1/2") O.D. x 52 mm I.D. x 6 mm (.25") thick.
Optional setup for: 3-1/2" (90 mm) O.D. x 1-1/4" (31.75 mm) I.D. x .25" (6 mm) thick, 52 mm I.D. direct plated or PCD type.

Diamond Form Roll: 2.500" (63.5 mm) basic root diameter, 1-1/4" (31.75 mm) I.D.
Optional Setup for: 90 mm (3-1/2) O.D. x 52 mm I.D. x up to 32 mm wide, reverse plated type

Diamond Speed: 3,000 R.P.M. maximum.

Also Available: Model MX16 for longer lengths.


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