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Superior design and construction enables the FORMASTER to maintain tolerances unparalleled by competitive units.
Normac's proprietary off-line software makes data input quick and easy.
Because the FORMASTER is compact and lightweight, it can be mounted on almost any grinding machine quickly and easily.
The FORMASTER is a positively mechanically sealed system, air purged to exclude foreign matter.
The FORMASTER requires no templates or special diamond rolls for each job thus reducing lead times and tooling costs dramatically.


Mark ll- Maximum Travel:
X- AXIS (Horizontal): 2.35" (58 mm).
Y- AXIS (Vertical): 2.25" (57 mm).

Mark lV- Maximum Travel:
X- AXIS (Horizontal): 4.40" (112 mm).
Y- AXIS (Vertical): 2.25" (57 mm).

Mark VI- Maximum Travel:
X- AXIS (Horizontal): 6.40" (162 mm).
Y- AXIS (Vertical): 2.25" (57 mm).

Maximum Dressing Feed Rate: 20" per minute (500 mm per minute).

Minimum Programmable Increment: .00004" (.001 mm).
.00002" (.0005 mm) OPTIONAL.

Resolution: .00004" (.001 mm). .00002" (.0005 mm) OPTIONAL.

Control System: Siemens Sinumeric 810M CNC.

Controlled Axes: 2 axes standard.

Battery Backed Semiconductor Memory: 16,000 characters.

Positioning Error Throughout 2" (50 mm). travel: ± .0001" (± .002 mm).

Repeat Accuracy: ± .00005" (± .001 mm).

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