Other Flute Grinder Models:

F250 F300 F500 F510 F600 F50L




Flutes and clears drill blank in one easy operation.
Easy data entry on integrated alpha numeric keypad and integrated touch screen makes setup easy.
Fully automatic operation including loading, dressing, indexing and unloading.
Heavy duty feedbox construction for long life and reliability.
Automatic self-compensating dresser system designed to eliminate deflection problems.
CNC controlled lead with helix angles from 18° to 45°.
CNC controlled web increase with up to three increases.
Fully enclosed grinding chamber for a cleaner, quieter grinding environment.
Automatic lubrication system reduces parts wear and maintenance.
Improved box hopper loading system eliminates slender push rods and is easily setup and adjusted.
Low profile design provides access to all control points and saves floor space.
Designed for high production so operator can attend more than one machine.



Size Ranges:

Diameter: 1/16" - 1/2" (1.5 mm - 13 mm).

Flute Length: 0.6" - 6.5" (16 mm - 165 mm).

Overall Length: 2" - 9" (50 mm - 225 mm).

Helix Angle: 18" - 45° right hand only.

Setup Time: Complete changeover from size to size in an average of 30 minutes.

Grinding Wheel Sizes: Flute Grinding Wheel: 16" (400 mm) O.D., 8" (203 mm) I. D.,
Clearance Grinding Wheel: 10" (254 mm) O.D., 5.25" (133 mm) I.D.


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