Machine will cut off blanks for Taps, Drills, End Mills and Counter Sinks
Provides the advantages of a ground surface and much closer tolerances in blank length and O.D.
Because the grinding wheel is formed  by a diamond roll dresser, almost any desired form can be obtained.
Machine is designed to work with a fully automatic bar feed magazine.


Max. Collet Size: 25 mm.

Min. Collet Size: 3 mm.

Max. Blank Length in one-feed stroke: 300 mm.

Optional: (Longer blanks made in multiple strokes).

Max.Width of Grinding Area: 48 mm.

Diameter of New Wheel: 457 mm.

Min. Diameter of Wheel: 380 mm.

Hole: 304 mm.

Max. Width: 48 mm.

Cutting Speed: ca.70 m/sec.

Grinding Motor: 20 HP.

Hydraulic Motor: 10 HP.

Dresser Motor: 1/4 HP.

Work Spindle Speed Range: 200-2000 RPM.

Collet Type used: Hardinge 5C.

NOTE: The machine is powered by a separate hydraulic unit.


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