Other Band Saw Grinder Models:

 BS35 BS75



Fully automatic operation including stock feed, wheel dressing and plunge grind.
Fully enclosed grinding chamber for a cleaner, quieter grinding environment.
Automatic lubrication to reduce parts wear and maintenance.
Automatic diamond roll dressing system - rigid, 2 horsepower motorized spindle with outboard support for maximum precision and diamond roll life.
Hardened and ground wheel and dresser slides are geared together to eliminate the need to reestablish tooth depth when replacing the grinding wheel.
Precision grinding spindle, cartridge type, lubricated for life, driven by a 40 horsepower motor.
Heavy duty, compact design makes for small floor space requirement, and easy accessibility for setup and adjustments.


Size Range:
6 to 66 mm wide bands, up to 1.6 mm thick.

Materials: Bimetal or carbon steel, fully annealed or hardened.

Pitch: 2 - 32 T.P.I., Vari - Pitch: 2 - 6 T.P.I. up to 90 mm repeat patterns. 6 - 32 T. P. I. up to 40 mm repeat patterns.

NOTE: Except vari-pitch forms less than 2" (50 mm) wide without oscillation.

Rake Angle: Negative up to 10° positive.

Band Stack Thickness: Up to 13 mm.

Accuracy: Tooth height to within 0.02 mm in 100 mm band length.

Pitch: To within 0.01 mm.

Typical Cycle Times: 3 T.P.I. - 18 sec. 10 T.P.I. - 24 sec.

Grinding Wheel Size: 20" (500 mm) O.D. x 8" (203 mm) I.D. x 4-9/16" (115 mm) wide.

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